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2020 Impact Report

Posted by Paula Takacs Foundation
2020 impact annual report

Our 2020 Impact Report is out!

Read how our supporters made it a chart-topping year in every way!


CLICK HERE to view, download and print the 2020 Impact Report.


"From the many conversations I had with Paula Takacs, I know with all my heart that what we have achieved, and will continue to achieve, would make her leap with joy. With this first in-house clinical trial having been offered
to Levine Cancer Institute and Levine Children’s patients, our supporters have provided local access to cutting-edge treatments. Through testing a first-of-its-kind sarcoma blood biopsy technique developed at Levine Cancer Institute, patient treatment and disease monitoring may be revolutionized in the future. And as a result of other ongoing molecular research projects that are underway with your donations, there is hope of uncovering the drivers of various sarcomas so that future trials can be developed.

Your support has been truly instrumental in developing this outstanding sarcoma research program, and I hope that you feel proud as you review this Impact Report. On behalf of myself and our Board of Directors, thank YOU for all you do to provide real HOPE for CURES."

Susan Udelson

Executive Director


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