Read more about the work of the Paula Takacs Foundation.

Paula Takacs Foundation Inspires Hope, Advances Research

Atrium Health Foundation: December 12, 2018
Highlights foundation’s ongoing impact and that of 2018 gift to Levine Cancer Institute. Click to view the article.

Small Yet Mighty – Paula Takacs Foundation pushes sarcoma into research spotlight

Momentum Magazine: Spring, 2018
Local cancer research initiatives funded by the Paula Takacs Foundation are highlighted. Click to view article.

Sarcoma Stomp 2018

WSOC-TV: April 27, 2018
WSOC-TV’s news coverage of the upcoming 2018 Sarcoma Stomp.  Watch video.

Sarcoma Research at Levine

WSOC- Family Focus: April 28, 2017
Raising awareness for sarcoma research. Click to watch the video.

Stomping Out Sarcoma

SouthPark Magazine: June, 2016
An interview with Executive Director Susan Udelson. Click to view the article.

Getting Personal – local cancer treatment is increasingly driven by individualized approach

Charlotte Magazine: July, 2016
Local cancer research initiatives at various hospitals are highlighted, as well as several local charities supporting them. Click to view article.

Coverage of the 2016 Sarcoma Stomp

WSOC: May, 2016
WSOC-TV’s news coverage of the 2016 Sarcoma Stomp.  Watch video.

Survivor wants to stomp out sarcoma

WSOC: April, 2016
Listen to one Charlotte womans description of how she was diagnosed with sarcoma, and why she decided to participate in the Sarcoma Stomp.  Watch video

Paula Takacs Foundation: A Friend’s Legacy

Give Carolinas: Spring, 2015
A Charlotte woman is carrying on a close friend’s legacy, as well as the memory of her own brother who battled cancer, by leading efforts to find a cure for sarcoma. Susan Udelson has recently assumed the role of Executive Director for the Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research. Since 2013, the organization has donated over $167,000 to support sarcoma research at Levine Cancer Institute. Click to view article.

WCNC-TV: April 13, 2015
Dr. Edward Kim, Chair of Investigative Therapeutics at Levine Cancer Institute, and Susan Udelson, Executive Director of the Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research, discuss the sarcoma research being funded at LCI by the Foundation and about their Sarcoma Stomp fundraiser. Watch video.

Local mom hopes to ‘stomp’ out cancer

South Charlotte Weekly: April 12, 2012
Paula Takacs’ battle with cancer began more than seven years ago when doctors discovered she had liposarcoma. Click to view article.

Son’s birth led to discovery of health crisis

The Charlotte Observer: March 23, 2011
Paula Takacs had just had her first baby, and everything seemed perfect. The pregnancy had gone smoothly, the labor was short and relatively easy, and her newborn son, Gray, was a healthy 8.2 pounds. Paula and her husband, Geof, were coasting along in the sleepy-but-happy haze of new parents. Life revolved around “trying to get the little guy on a schedule, late-night feedings, diapers – the normal routine,” said Geof. “That would all change.” Click to view article.

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