Because we are truly STRONGER TOGETHER, we are taking a critical step to advance awareness on a broader scale through the launching of our new campaign “Did You Know? Sarcoma Is Cancer.” Our mission at the Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research is to expand global hope for cures, as we fund local research towards the development of effective novel treatments. But if we are to grow this mission, we MUST awaken social advocacy on a larger scale. We MUST help everyone LEARN MORE about exactly what sarcoma is and how to detect it, so they can ACT FASTER to seek diagnoses, and receive the right treatment earlier. That is how work to truly SAVE LIVES.

This campaign will be about launching an independently branded educational platform where EVERYONE becomes familiar with the word ‘sarcoma;’ where everyone can share knowledge about detection, treatment, and where to go for resources. Our wish is to thoroughly eradicate the lack of social awareness about sarcomas, by encouraging everyone to LEARN MORE, ACT FASTER, and SAVE LIVES.

We’re still in the early stages of launching this platform, but we are absolutely committed to putting the full weight of our mission objective behind it. Help us arm the world with knowledge and awaken social advocacy on a global scale.



Click the image below to purchase a ‘Did You Know? Sarcoma is Cancer’ car cling!














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