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sarcoma stomp
Sarcoma Stomp

Our Joyful Sarcoma Stomp

By Sheila Mulcahy-Bell The journey may be harsh, but in the end I pray many are able to stomp out sarcoma. I knew nothing about…

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love life light

Life, Love, and Light

Lovingly penned by Alex Whitaker (Team Jennifer) “Life, love, and light.” My wife, Jennifer Whitaker, started signing correspondences with this phrase sometime in early 2015.…

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Sarcoma Stomp

Rockin’ Wendie and Rainbow Wigs

I’ve wondered for a number of years now who Rockin’ Wendie was and I always admired Team Rockin’ Wendie’s Warriors at the annual Sarcoma Stomp. Tonight I finally…

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Sarcoma Survivor

Defining “Cured” from the Sarcoma Trenches

It didn’t take me long after being diagnosed with sarcoma to come to the conclusion that cancer terminology can be really confusing. But here’s how I choose…

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rare disease

No Rare Disease Pity Party Here!

My family and friends will tell you that I’m a data dork, learn-a-holic and question queen. I guess that is a compliment? 😉 Since taking…

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