About this Installation

Out of the soil comes the tender shoot, an organic metaphor of survival and beauty. Held securely in place by an unseen network of nourishing roots, fed by light and love, the seasonal cadence of blossoms symbolizes the courageous journey of one survivor, and pays homage to all cancer patients and their healthcare heroes.

Located in the most highly traveled corridor of Levine Cancer Institute, perfectly situated to reflect the healing light of the sun and a constant reminder of the incredible Seasons of Life we all walk together, the art will be a contemporary interpretation of a tree bending in the wind but not breaking as it grows through all 4 seasons. The tree dances outward in its own design, as nature would grow, with a long and lush network of flowers adorning its wind-swept branches. The flower colors will be displayed in groupings of seasonal colors starting with summer, then moving to fall, on to winter, and then spring. Each season will represent artist Jake Pfeifer’s personal interpretation of his own sarcoma cancer journey, going from full health (summer) to diagnosis (fall), then moving to treatment (winter) and renewal (spring).