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Sarcoma: Knowledge is Power

Having access to education and support resources is absolutely vital to becoming the best advocate you can be. We believe no one should feel alone when navigating a diagnosis, including those with rare cancers like sarcomas.

Celebration of Life and Tribute

The Paula Takacs luminary display honored those impacted by sarcoma diagnoses and the healthcare workers who care for them.

sarcoma awareness

My Painful Lesson in Sarcoma Awareness

In the very back of my file cabinet lies some seriously sacred territory – the many files documenting my brother’s medical history before sarcoma, records reflecting his fight against sarcoma, and his death certificate. I don’t know why I have kept these papers 7 years later, except to say that I thought they may help someone else needing research info, fighting an insurance appeal or filing for disability…or for assisting in the preventive care of Alan’s 3 children as they grow up. And then I must admit there was the emotional pain of shredding the papers that defined the most devastating chapter in my life, and deciding that it was easier on my heart to let them stay put.

I made the decision to pull out these files today in honor of Sarcoma Awareness Month, because I know in my heart that I do have an important story to tell you and a valuable lesson to impart. And what monumental thing did I learn after the loss of my brother, you ask? Awareness can potentially save your life, and the lack of it may kill you.

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