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We Are the Voices of HOPE

Back in 2011, Paula Takacs -- just one woman -- dreamed of better treatment opportunities for those with sarcoma. Since then, tens of thousands have joined in to help fund local research at Levine Cancer Institute and Levine Children’s Hospital. And our impact is now global with over $3.3M raised, nudging the needle of hope ever upwards. Even with all this impact, we never forget that this is a community of individuals. Whether you are a patient, survivor, doctor, nurse, caregiver, family, friend, or sponsor, the fact is CHANGE only happens when we raise our voices and reaffirm our commitment to all sarcoma patients everywhere. Will you raise your voice and help us change the world?

Your story has POWER. Will you share it?

Whatever your sarcoma journey, it is relevant to someone. You are NOT alone. It is your voice that needs to be heard so others can feel comfort, or courage, or simply find a friend. The subject matter can be anything: Elevate awareness, praise caregivers, or simply give us a glimpse into the personal side of who YOU ARE. We’re here to listen.