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liquid biopsies child
Childhood Cancer, Cancer Research

Liquid Biopsies on the Horizon for Children with Solid Cancers

Cancer researchers continue to make progress in developing tests using liquid biopsies that could complement and even serve as an alternative to traditional tissue biopsies.…

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sarcoma research
Cancer Research, Sarcoma Research, Treatments

Tumor microbiome linked to immunotherapy success in sarcoma patients

New UC Davis study finds relationship between tumor microbiome and immune system in patients with soft tissue sarcoma (SACRAMENTO)In a significant new study, UC Davis Comprehensive…

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sarcoma genetic map

First-ever genetic map to identify causes of sarcoma in global study

New groundbreaking research published in the journal Science unlocks the genetic mystery of why some people develop sarcoma, an aggressive but less common cancer that often strikes children and…

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Ewing Sarcoma Cancer Graphic cancer biology

ETV6 Protein Could Be an Important Target for Ewing Sarcoma Treatment

Ewing sarcoma is an aggressive childhood cancer that is particularly difficult to treat, and little progress has been made in developing effective therapies for patients…

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doppler echocardiogram dexrazoxane protects heart
Treatments, Childhood Cancer

Dexrazoxane Protects the Heart Long Term for Kids Being Treated for Cancer

Today, more than 80% of children diagnosed with cancer are alive 5 years after treatment. This is one of the biggest successes of pediatric medicine…

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