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Cancer 12 times genes

A Woman Had Cancer 12 Times by Age 36. Her Genes Showed Something Never Seen Before

When Spanish scientists came across a strange case of a woman who had experienced 12 different types of tumor before the age of 36, they…

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find a clinical trial
clinical trial

Steps to Find a Clinical Trial

Want to Find a Clinical Trial? If you are thinking about joining a clinical trial as a treatment option, the best place to start is to…

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cells from cancer model shows promise
Cancer Research

New Cancer Model Shows Promise in Predicting If Treatment Will Shrink Tumors

Will a specific cancer treatment actually work for a person diagnosed with cancer? Every person’s cancer is different, and even when a tumor has a…

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pathology report cells

Pathology Reports: Info from National Cancer Institute

What is a pathology report? A pathology report (sometimes called a surgical pathology report) is a medical report that describes the characteristics of a tissue…

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tumor grade review

Tumor Grade: Info from National Cancer Institute

Tumor grade describes how normal or abnormal cancer cells look under a microscope. The more normal the cells look, the less aggressive the cancer and the more…

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