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sarcoma stomp 2024 presented by amwins

Sarcoma Stomp 2024

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The annual Sarcoma Stomp is the event that began it all! Presented by Amwins, it is our biggest fundraising event attended by over 1,100 participants, volunteers, and sponsors. On April 13, 2024 the Sarcoma Stomp will feature a 5K run and 3K walk followed by an epic after-race festival with food, music, activities, games, and much more. We raised over $230,000 in 2023 and plan to exceed that mark in 2024 — with your help!

Back in 2011, Paula Takacs – just one woman – dreamed of better and more hopeful treatment opportunities for those with sarcoma. Since then, tens of thousands have joined in to help fund local research at Levine Cancer Institute and Levine Children’s Hospital. And our impact is now global with almost $4M raised, nudging the needle of hope ever upwards.

This year’s theme is “We are the Voices of Hope!” By remembering Paula Takacs and her relentless dream, we keep our voices loud and hope at the center of everything we do.

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Here is information about becoming a corporate sponsor of the 2024 Sarcoma Stomp.

Date: 04 / 13 / 2024


Location: 4519 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC

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