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Announcing the $2 Million Paula Takacs Foundation Endowed Chair of Sarcoma Research

Posted by Paula Takacs Foundation
endowed chair of sarcoma research at levine cancer institute

The Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research is immensely proud to announce the establishment of the Paula Takacs Foundation Endowed Chair of Sarcoma Research at Levine Cancer Institute, supported by a $2 Million endowment fund.

We know Paula would be so proud, and maybe not even surprised, because it was her relentless commitment to her vision to change the outcome for sarcoma patients in Charlotte and around the world that catalyzed this historic announcement.

Take a few moments to watch Susan Udelson announce the endowment, and then read our Q&A to fully understand all facets of this monumental gift and its local and global impact on sarcoma research.

Q: What is an Endowed Chair?

A: An Endowed Chair is one of the highest honors in academic medicine. These positions are often reserved for full professors who are perceived as being the best of the best in their area of expertise. There are few Endowed Chairs of Sarcoma Research in the U.S., and who receive this type and level of funding for sarcoma research.

Q: Why create this Endowed Chair position?

A: At the heart of every great cancer center are scholars whose work is supported by endowed funds. Endowed Chairs create opportunities for these institutions to attract and retain distinguished professors who will significantly drive and impact a particular area of study and elevate the reputation of the organization itself. Endowed positions recognize outstanding faculty, acknowledge their professional standing and provide substantial support for the conduct of scholarly work and research.

Q: Who is appointed as Endowed Chair?

A: A professor level faculty who is an expert in sarcoma research will receive this prestigious appointment by the President of Levine Cancer Institute and other Atrium Health leadership during a forthcoming announcement and investiture ceremony. Stay tuned to find out who Levine Cancer Institute names as the inaugural Paula Takacs Foundation Endowed Chair!

Q: What are some benefits of establishing the Endowed Chair at Levine Cancer Institute?

A: There are many! The Paula Takacs Foundation Endowed Chair will direct the use of this $2 million endowment. It is the Chair’s responsibility to use a portion of these special funds at their discretion, each and every year, to advance science in the most strategic and novel ways possible. The endowment will ensure Levine Cancer Institute’s dedicated focus on this disease for all eternity! For Paula’s family, it keeps her name and beautiful legacy growing stronger forever too! It also brings national exposure and recognition to the Levine Cancer Institute sarcoma research program and Paula Takacs Foundation, attracting additional sarcoma talent to our region and ultimately benefiting patients throughout the globe.

Q: What is an Endowment Fund?

A: An endowment fund exists in perpetuity and is part of the long-term capital base of the cancer center. Earnings from the endowment are an ongoing source of support, despite fluctuations in the economy. A strong endowment allows the cancer center to plan for the future while continuing to drive innovation and research.

Q: What is the difference between this new $2 million Endowment and the longstanding Paula Takacs Sarcoma Research Fund?

A: The $2 million Endowment has been funded to solely support research at Levine Cancer Institute, as envisioned by the Paula Takacs Foundation Endowed Chair and reviewed by the Endowment Committee. The Paula Takacs Sarcoma Research Fund continues to operate separately, supporting cutting-edge studies and clinical trials at Levine Cancer Institute and/or Levine Children’s Hospital at the direction of Fund’s Advisory Committee.


Watch the 2023 Grant Presentation program, including the announcement of the Paula Takacs Foundation Endowed Chair of Sarcoma Research.


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