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| June 12th, 2024

From Survivor to Advocate: Julia Greer’s Journey with Our Research Foundation

By Justine Conner From Survivor to Advocate: Julia Greer’s Journey with Our Research Foundation
From Survivor to Advocate: A Volunteer’s Journey with Our Research Foundation
Volunteering is often driven by personal experiences and heartfelt connections to a cause. For many, it’s these stories that inspire and sustain their commitment to making a difference. We’re honored to share the story of one of our dedicated volunteers, Julia Greer, whose journey from a sarcoma survivor to an advocate for our research foundation is both inspiring and motivating.
A Spring Day in 2016: The Beginning of Julia’s Jamboree
In the spring of 2016, fresh from completing chemotherapy for a sarcoma, Julia was at a turning point in her life. One day, her neighbor spotted a sign on Providence Road for the Sarcoma Stomp. Inspired, her neighbor came home with an enthusiastic proposition: “We have to make a team!” Thus, Julia’s Jamboree was born.
But Julia’s involvement didn’t stop at forming a team. She felt a deep-seated urge to do more, to contribute in a meaningful way beyond participating in the race. This led her to reach out to The Paula Takacs Foundation, where her passion was put to good use by assigning her the task of gathering prizes for all the race winners. Julia has been dedicated to this effort ever since.
The Joy of Race Day
For Julia, the most rewarding part of her volunteer efforts is being present on race day. She loves the camaraderie with her team and the shared joy of participating in such a meaningful event. After running, she shifts gears to help celebrate the winners, relishing the opportunity to congratulate them personally. “You did a great job for such a great cause,” she often tells them, celebrating not just their victory in the race but their contribution to a larger mission.
A Memorable Achievement
Among the many moments that stand out in Julia’s volunteer journey, one particular achievement shines brightly. Julia used to be responsible for gathering all 80 prizes for the race winners. This monumental task involved soliciting businesses all over SouthPark and meticulously assigning prizes to the appropriate age groups. Though the process has since been simplified, she fondly remembers the satisfaction and pride of seeing all the prizes collected and perfectly organized. It was, as she puts it, “a labor of love.”
A Grateful Heart
Julia’s story is one of gratitude and commitment. She is deeply appreciative of PTF and the vital work it does for people with sarcoma. “The research is so important,” she emphasizes, fully aware of the impact it can have. As one of the lucky ones, she never forgets how far she has come and remains steadfast in her dedication to helping others through the foundation.
Julia’s journey from survivor to volunteer is a testament to the power of personal experience in driving meaningful change. Her story is a reminder of the incredible impact that one person’s dedication can have on a community and a cause. We are grateful for her continued support and the inspiring example she sets for us all.

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