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About CBOI

Dr. John Powderly founded Carolina BioOncology Institute (CBOI) in 2005 as a community-based clinic and the only independent cancer center on the East Coast providing cutting edge immuno-oncology phase I clinical trials. In addition, in 2005 he founded the Human Applications Laboratory (HAL), called BioCytics, Inc., which is incubated within CBOI. HALs mission is to research and develop novel cellular therapies for diseases and to accelerate personalized medicine options to the patients we serve.

Dr. John Powderly’s passion to advance cancer research stemmed from his extensive research and training. CBOl’s mission is to provide patients with the highest level of comprehensive and quality cancer care. To accomplish this, we work as a team, with health and safety as our primary priority. We strive to provide cutting-edge access to the immunotherapy pipeline of clinical trials. As a result, we offer a vast array of phase I immuno-oncology and cellular therapy clinical trials for stage IV patients with all solid tumor cancers.

Dr. John Powderly is a renowned immuno-oncology researcher and medical oncologist with more than 20 years of experience. Since opening the doors of CBOI in 2005, Dr. Powderly has conducted over 150 Phase 1 clinical trials.

Dr. Powderly is an adjunct professor at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke, has authored over 75 scientific publications, and is a recipient of numerous honors and awards.

Carolina BioOncology Institute is located in Huntersville, NC.

CBOI Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Carolina BioOncology Institute and our expert Providers participate in national Phase 1 solid tumor clinical trials. Over the past 15 years, our Clinic has opened over 100 Oncology clinical trials. Please view the list of trials currently enrolling patients.

To learn more about CBOI and the services they offer, as well as educational information about cancer, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, please access and download their Patient Guidebook.