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Cancer Research

Can mRNA Vaccines Help Treat Cancer?

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown a spotlight on messenger RNA (mRNA)—the molecule that carries a cell’s instructions for making proteins. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have received mRNA vaccines that provide…

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Israeli research scientist
Sarcoma Research

Israeli Researchers Test AI-Based Radiation Methodology to Eradicate Aggressive Sarcoma Tumors

Israeli researchers at the country’s Rambam Hospital said that a new radiation program employing artificial intelligence shows the potential to almost completely eliminate certain aggressive…

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CT Scan

The Challenges of Living with Metastatic Cancer from Scan to Scan

Since 2018, Bethany Ross has started a new job, run four half marathons, and been treated for metastatic cancer. The 33-year-old software engineer was diagnosed…

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Sarcoma Research

Clinical Trial Paper Published in Prestigious AACR Journal

The Clinical Trial The Paula Takacs Foundation provided funding for the Phase II clinical trial of pembrolizumab in combination with doxorubicin in metastatic and unresectable…

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NCI National Cancer Institute
Childhood Cancer

Seeing a Promising Future for Progress against Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancer: Examples of Recent Progress 1982, Dr. Mariano Barbacid, a researcher working at NCI, and his colleagues identified a gene, called NTRK, that could…

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